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A Film by Seayoon Jeong

Despite the fact that a large portion of the ​population actually suffers from anxiety disorders, ​experiencing devastating physical, emotional and ​psychological effects, anxiety disorders are not often ​discussed much by media outlets.

My experimental feature, Nyctophobia, explores the ​struggles of people dealing with a specific type of ​anxiety disorder known as nyctophobia, which is ​triggered by a fear of the dark. Due to its nature, ​nyctophobia often leads to sleep-related issues such ​as insomnia and sleep paralysis, as well as physical ​and emotional symptoms, such as panic attacks, ​trouble breathing, chest pain, and dizziness. If left ​untreated, nyctophobia can affect the quality of ​one’s life including how one performs at work, in ​school, and even at home.

Nyctophobia follows Liz who suffers from ​nyctophobia and associated sleeping issues. She despe​rately tries to fall asleep by entering her inner world​ where she can access her happy childhood memor​ies. However, she ultimately becomes trapped in he​r lucid dream world and encounters her worst night​mare.